Sustainability-linked finance (SLF) is a significant market in which most incentives have been tied to borrowers’ environmental commitments – the “E” in ESG. We argue that there is untapped potential for companies to be more ambitious on the “G.” Governance targets— that help manage corporate risk and benefit stakeholders.

It’s an unfortunate truth: Communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change—many of them located in developing countries and near the operating spheres of infrastructure companies—often have the least access to the information that could help them strengthen their climate resilience. This is a problem of global scale because failure to address local-level climate […]

Few places on earth have been spared the scourge of COVID-19. But cities—with close living quarters, dense populations, health care centers, markets, train stations and airports—have borne the brunt of the crisis, with higher rates of infection and devastating public and private sector impacts. A recent UN study estimates that urban areas account for 90 […]

In our recent blog, we looked at three ways to keep vulnerable segments of the population — women and youth — from being left behind in the digital divide. Digital transformation and the renewed focus on the sustainability of mining offer great opportunities for the industry — it will help companies refresh their brands and […]

Data is the new gold. You may not wear it on your finger or store it in a bank, but you can use it to stimulate growth, create power, and exert influence. The digital economy, fueled by data, is growing faster than the traditional economy. But unlike talent, opportunity is not distributed equally. Youth in […]

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