We begin with an intriguing question: Can the mining industry produce the minerals and metals that are essential to clean energy technologies, in green and inclusive ways? The short answer: Not yet. In fact, the mining industry is responsible for 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, including smelting and refining activities. Primary production of […]

Newsflash: Sustainability-Linked Finance (SLF) isn’t just about climate. In fact, leading infrastructure companies like Brazil-based energy firm Neoenergia and global mining consortium, Anglo American are embracing the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure their social performance, as part of their SLF frameworks. These social metrics must meet strict requirements to ensure relevance, benchmarkability, […]

In our recent blog, we looked at three ways to keep vulnerable segments of the population — women and youth — from being left behind in the digital divide. Digital transformation and the renewed focus on the sustainability of mining offer great opportunities for the industry — it will help companies refresh their brands and […]

Data is the new gold. You may not wear it on your finger or store it in a bank, but you can use it to stimulate growth, create power, and exert influence. The digital economy, fueled by data, is growing faster than the traditional economy. But unlike talent, opportunity is not distributed equally. Youth in […]

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