Gender in Oil, Gas & Mining: New Frontiers of Progress, Challenges & Solutions

Oil, gas and mining can bring significant growth and development opportunities to resource-rich countries and host communities. The gendered dynamics of asset ownership, labor, livelihoods and decision-making in resource-producing communities mean that men and women are affected in very different ways by the Extractive Industries. For men and women, mineral resources can provide opportunities for a better life, including increased employment, access to revenues, small and medium businesses can flourish in the associated supply chain and expanded investment in the local community. Working with and investing in women makes good business sense. The priorities for engagement over the next three years to close gender equality gaps are to: (i) improve human endowments: education, health, and social protection, (ii) remove constraints for more and better jobs, (iii) remove barriers to ownership and control of productive assets, and (iv) enhance women’s voice and engage men and boys. To achieve meaningful progress in meeting these priorities, the World Bank Group is interested to know more about what other organizations and practitioners are doing in this space, and learn from each other’s experiences.

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