The African continent is endowed with an abundance of resources, both natural as well as human capital.

The innovative web platform ‘Municipio al Dia’ (, promoted by Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (IEP), a Peruvian think tank, and IFC with the support of the Government of Canada, was certified as a Good Practice in Public Management by the prestigious NGO Ciudadanos al Dia. ‘Municipio al Dia,’ a free online information and advisory service […]

A pioneering initiative implemented by IFC with support from the Government of Canada to promote good governance practices in the highlands of Peru has helped local leaders and municipal authorities prioritize municipal investments for the next 3 years so as to respond to unattended basic local needs. This effort is part of a larger initiative […]

With support from the Government of Canada and industry partners, IFC has provided thousands of people with training and provided support to dozens of communities to ensure that large-footprint development projects benefit those who live and operate businesses near them. IFC Advisory programs in Latin America, West Africa, and Mongolia have also empowered stakeholders to […]

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