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Community Scorecard: People-Centered Engagement

Around the world, companies are looking to partner with local communities to imagine and achieve a better future.

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Community scorecard

Community scorecard (CSC) is a practical tool involving facilitated dialogue deployed successfully by public and nonprofit organizations around the world.

Recently, companies in the infrastructure and natural resource industries have used the CSC to improve company-community relations and enhance environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

A practical tool with a record of success

Experience across sectors shows that CSC can help initiate and sustain effective community engagement.

CSC is a powerful, cost-effective methodology first developed by the international aid organization CARE in 2002. The public sector has used CSC widely to give citizens greater voice and increase government responsiveness. In the private sector, CSCs have facilitated company-community dialogue and enabled the design of interventions that are more responsive to stakeholder realities, strengthening development results on the ground.

To date, more than 8.2 million people in 33 countries have benefited from better health care, stronger food systems, and safer justice systems after participating in the community scorecard (CSC) process.

Examples from around the world

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We are here to help

In addition to financing, IFC offers advisory services that help its infrastructure clients connect with the communities where they operate. Our work creates a foundation that enables communities and companies to share value and sustain good relationships.



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