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Elements of Community Scorecard

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Effective implementation of the CSC process requires at least a minimal level of willingness on the part of both the company and local communities to engage and seek common solutions.

This may require a shift in mindset and a willingness from stakeholders to try something new. The initiating party—whether it’s senior management, community relations staff, a partner NGO, or a community-based organization—may need to invest upfront time and effort in explaining the potential benefits of the CSC process and gaining buy-in. The good news is that even when stakeholders are initially reluctant, a single CSC experience is often sufficient to convince all parties of the value of the process.

Here's a brief overview of how the CSC process works



This involves identifying scorecard focus, sharing essential information with stakeholders, and gathering feedback from participants.


This involves assessing and scoring performance and agreeing on priority actions for improvement.


This involves implementing actions, monitoring and reporting on progress, and repeating the process.

IFC is here to help

In addition to financing, IFC offers advisory services that help its infrastructure clients connect with the communities where they operate. Our work creates a foundation that enables communities and companies to share value and sustain good relationships.

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